My Work History

Seven years: Designing, developing, and implementing mobile applications used in over 20 countries around the world

Six years: International program manager for both private industry and non-profit initiatives

Five years: Lead project manager reporting directly to executive management with extensive experience reconciling strategic initiatives with operational realities

Five years: Managing distributed employees, partners and vendors towards efficient and timely completion of deliverables

Four years: Bootstrapping entrepreneur with an “all hats” mentality developing a distributed desktop based ERP system

My industry interests include BTLE and micro location applications on iOS or Android.

I have been an ERP software startup entrepreneur, an international program manager for the world’s largest tobacco surveillance initiative, and a serial pragmatist in a world of executive prerogative.

Ask me about working in Mexico or Turkey, or my experience working concurrently with two bosses at two different companies. I have extensive application development experience working in a distributed work environment with team members located in Bangalore, Buenos Aires, and Chicago.

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